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Frequent questions

How can I make a purchase in Chiahuiztle?

You can place your order by phone, by WhatsApp or via Inbox or by this same means of

These are our phones(33)33 4348 5861 or 3317014800.

What are the shipping costs and estimated delivery times?

In Mexico the cost of ground shipping by Estafeta starts at $236 MXN for one, guide no greater than  5 Kilos and the delivery timeIt takes 3 to 7 business days.

In the United States, the cost of ground shipping starts at $3,740 MXN for a guide no larger than 5 kilos.

Delivery time 10 to 15 business days.


Express Shipping in a package no larger than 5 kilos has a cost of $364 MXN and the delivery time ranges from 1 to 2 business days, delivery time (We suggest requesting this type of shipment only from Monday to Thursday, because Saturdays are not counts as a business day and may present a delay in delivery).

How can I track my order once it has been placed?


We will send you the guide and tracking number so that you can enter to review it on the Estafeta website or application, all you have to do is add the guide number or tracking code that is added to the document that will be sent to your personal number. ;

Can I Request an Invoice?

If we can invoice your order for natural products, request by WhatsApp, phone or by email

VERY IMPORTANT! from the 1st. From April 2022 following the criteria of version 4.0 of CFDI issuance: We will only be able to prepare your receipt with the image of your PROOF OF TAX SITUATION, which you can request at any time on the SAT site or, since if we do it incompletely or incorrectly we would be incurring problems for both you and others. us before the authority.

“In accordance with article 29-A section I and IV of the CFF, the Digital Tax Receipts over the Internet (CFDI) must contain as a requirement the name or company name of both the issuer and the recipient, in addition to the already known Postal Code and Tax Regime. , which you can obtain from your Certificate of Tax Situation, so if you carry out CFDI with version 4.0 of Annex 20 this will be the new criterion to consider.”

Do you have home delivery?

Yes, we have deliveries throughout the Mexican Republic, except for extended areas, we have a contract with Estafeta parcel delivery, call us to confirm if there are deliveries in your area.

These are our telephone numbers (33)33 4348 5861 eitherWhatsapp +52 33 1701 4800

I work and I can't receive the package at my house. Can you send it to a post office branch so I can pick it up?

Yes, we have deliveries throughout the Mexican Republic, with deliveries to occur, so you can pick up your package at the nearest authorized branch, call us to verify your coverage and assign the branch in your location.

These are our telephone numbers (33)33 4348 5861 eitherWhatsapp +52 33 1701 4800


I live in the United States. How can I get the product?

The way our customers in the United States obtain our functional drinks is through family or friends who live in Mexico. You can contact our phones to verify your family's coverage with the zip code, and the best thing is that you can place Order from the online store and pay via PayPal or transfer from the United States.

These are our phones+52 1 (33)33 4348 5861 eitherWhatsapp +52 1 33 1701 4800

Are Chiahuiztle Natural products medicines?

They are not; Our Natural Products provide nutritional elements to our body, these nutrients are derived depending on the product in question, as mentioned below:

  1. Mayahuel Prebiotic and Probiotic Drink Made with Agave Salmiana made in Uruapan, Michoacán.

  2. Grenadine Antioxidant Drink Made from 3 types of wonderful Granada, acidic Creole and sweet Creole, made in Sayula, Jalisco.

  3. Oregano Oil Made from Organic Oregano, made in Chihuahua, Chiahuahua.

  4. Oregano Syrup Made from organic oregano extract, honey, mullein, eucalyptus and propolis, made in Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

  5. Stevia Made from Natural Stevia powdered leaves, made in Cuautla, Morelos.

  6. Hair repair cream Made from demineralized water, coconut oil, collagen, keratin, vitamin E, glycerin, made in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

These products aim to improve the quality of life of our body through diet and intestinal microbiota.

How long can you take our products?

The products that we sell at, since they are not medications, can be consumed for at least 3 continuous months, up to 6 months, everything will depend on your healthy habits.

Durability and Conservation of Agave Salmiana Ferments:


Although ferments do not spoil in the traditional sense, they do continue to ferment at a slower rate when stored refrigerated. As a result, you may notice the flavor of our fermented products evolve and intensify over time.


To ensure maximum satisfaction, we assign each jar of ferment a specific expiration date, which you will find clearly marked on a label attached to the container. This date is valid for both open and closed jars, as long as they are kept properly refrigerated.

Do Agave Salmiana Ferments require refrigeration?

No, these products can be kept at room temperature in a dry, clean place.

It can be refrigerated to give a better flavor.

It is recommended to refrigerate if the temperature is higher than 35° degrees.


About the Sediments in the Agave Salmiana Ferment Container Nature of the Sediments:

What you see sitting at the bottom of the container of our agave salmiana ferments are natural sediments resulting from the fermentation process. These sediments are completely normal and are an indication of the authenticity and natural fermentation process of our product. They do not affect the quality or safety of the ferment and are a common part of many fermented products.


From what age do youcan take the product?

Mayahuel Drink:

Children over 10 years old with a condition such as constipation.

Adults with or without conditions.


Grenadine Drink:


Children over 2 years old and adults with and without conditions.

Call to consult the nutrition specialist.


Oregano oil:

Adults - 2 drops under the tongue after food or, where appropriate, you can mix 5 drops in water.

Children over 4 years old - 2 drops mixed with the juice of one half of an orange.

Oregano Syrup:

Adults: One 10 ml scoop 4 times a day.

Children over 4 years old take a 5 ml teaspoon every 6 hours.

Do our products have side effects?

Our Products do not have any effect, as long as the instructions you receive are followed according to the condition to be treated.

Can I stop taking my medications?

No supplement can replace medical treatment, so it is important not to stop your medications for any reason.

Before consuming a food supplement it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

Do the products have laboratory studies?

Yes, our products have nutritional studies to guarantee food safety quality, we have documentation with folio, seal and signature.

Why is the taste and consistency of our products different in each container?


Our products are 100% natural, they are not altered with artificial sweeteners or flavorings.

The flavor, smell and color will always depend on the collection of the raw material and the age or evolution of the raw material.

Regardless of this, we always seek to offer the best quality products to our customers.


Payment Methods:

Banamex and Bancoppel Bank Transfer | Deposit in Oxxo or Bancoppel


Data to make payments:

Exclusive Account in the name of Araceli Solis

Deposits in Bancoppel or OXXO

4169160466807659 (Bancoppel 3 Debit Card)

Accept deposits in oxxo or transfer

Internet Transfers Please add your full name to identify your payment:

Bank: Banamex

Account: 8091143673

Code: 002320701264636404​

Once your payment has been made, you can send your receipt by WhatsApp to 3317014800


If you want to make payment by credit card, debit card or vouchers:

Request the Clip link so you can make your payment completely securely by WhatsApp at 3317014800

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